Biomass Heating Systems

It is with great sadness that we announce (23rd June 2020) that we have now withdrawn from Biomass Heating, this is entirely due to;

  • lack of demand for installation work, our work supporting our existing customers would not cover the massive regulatory overheads.
  • Over complicated and expensive so called  'Consumer protection' MCS + RECC + QANW etc etc
  • Bloated re-training which means completly redoing ALL the training every 5 years, not just refreshing and updating our knowledge.
  • Some customers complain about our cost but do not realise that the never ending line of trainers, certifiers, inspectors all have their hand in our pocket.
  • Also we have had a huge amount of complete incompetence on the part of these certifiers and inspectors but there seems to be no recourse to have redress for their incompetence whilst they impose costs on us by, rightly, making us correct our errors. Alas no one makes them pay for their mistakes!